Friday, August 11, 2006


It's a bright and shiny morning. Sue is already up and working. I'm considering paddling out into flat but clean conditions. Just another day in paradise.

Yesterday the waves were pretty choppy and my arms were still tired from surfing the day before (it's going to take a little while before I can surf every day), so I opted for a run.

Digression: I think one of the reasons I manage to stay in better shape here, is the convenience of it all. Want to go surf? Walk over to the ocean and surf. Swim? Same location; but leave the board behind. Run? Head out your front door, turn left (or right), and start running. A surf trip in Seattle is a full day adventure.

Anyway, off I went down Kalakaua. I was feeling a bit more sure of myself, and when I got to Diamond Head road, instead of turning left and circling the park, I went right and began the more scenic run to the lookout. I considered continuing on around, doing the full loop, but Montsarrat Ave is under construction and I didn't want to run through that on the way down. So today was an out and back. Not very far, but a nice workout.

Sue and I walked into town (I'm beginning to think I need a macro for that phrase) for lunch. We split a Korean BBQ plate lunch (Mmmm... chicken katsu) at a little shop off of Kuhio, and then continued on to the only Lappert's Ice Cream shoppe left on O`ahu. We did a little shopping and then hopped a bus back home.

Our bus passes are really paying off, we can walk until we're tired and then just wander over to a bus stop. O`ahu's mass transit system, TheBus, has always been good, and they've continued to maintain it. There's a recording that announces the upcoming stop and the attractions around there. The busses are clean and air-conditioned, and you can get pretty much anywhere on the island very easily. Maybe it's the number of tourists using it, or maybe the island isn't as caught up in the cult of the SUV. Either way, it's a much nicer way to get around.

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