Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Day 3 (Afternoon)

3 days in, and I finally put feet on fiberglass. We went into town this morning and rented a board from the concession where the girls got their lesson. I took Greg's board out of the racks and Sue and I paddled out to Baby Canoes. Since outside Canoes was pulsing at 4' Hawaiian, the inside was a respectable 2'+, so maybe more of a teen Canoes than a baby, yeah? We managed to get Sue up on a couple of waves and then we paddled in to let the girls have a shot.

Rae caught the attention of one of da guys giving lessons and he said "Mind if I give her a hand?" You mean I don't have to push her into a wave? "Sure brah!" He did and she was up and riding.

Liz and I paddled way over to the Ewa side of Canoes, pretty far out. This gave me my first opportunity to catch a couple of real waves. Greg's board handles like a coffee table; but hoo it was sweet to be surfing again. Liz managed to paddle into a couple waves on her own, which is pretty impressive for her second time out. She did a little pearl diving, but still.

By this time I had been paddling around for over two hours, on my first time out in 5 years, and I was (am) pretty thrashed. But still, being able to drop into a couple of fun waves after all this time was good for my mental health. I can still surf!

Lunch was a disappointment. Since we were in town, starving, and in need of beer (some of us), we opted for Cheeseburger in Paradise. The service was abysmal; and not in a "Hey, we're running on island time" kine way more of a "Hey, we don't know what we're doing" kinda way. Avoid at all costs!

A quick trip to Zippy's on the way to the condo landed us some Napples, and we were home. Now we're all laying about in a state of happy exhaustion. I'm sippin' on a cold Kirin and all is right with the world.


Anonymous said...

Cheeseburger in Paradise - service lousy but how was the food?
I went to the website - sux IMO. Lotta "island" crap but no acknowledgment that Hawai`i exists or that a CiP is there. But plenty of opportunity to buy stuff.

Jimmy's totally sold out - sad

Unknown said...

Any kind of theme restaurant is always a crap-shoot. The food was actually pretty good. I had an Ali`i Cheeseburger (Burger with Bacon, Fried Egg, & Cheese (Yeah, I know!)). It was good-sized and tasty. So, if it hadn't been for the service it would have been a much more positive experience.

Unknown said...

A little research revealed that Jimmy's main association with this place is that he sued them for taking the name without his permission. So, my faith in Bubba is restored.