Friday, August 18, 2006

Aloha Friday

We met Bruce and Irene, Greg and Janice, and Ken (a visitor staying with Bruce) down at Tiki's Grill yesterday evening to hear Sean Na`auao and Robi Kahakalau. The music was good but over far too soon; the time just went by very quickly sharing food and drinks with friends.

The small swell we had this week is pau, my tide calendar is warning about box jellyfish, and there were 15 people out at Tonggs this morning. So, although I considered paddling out into flat, crowded, jellyfish-infested conditions, I ultimately decided to go for a run. Around the park, past the zoo, down the Ala Wai, up to the beach, and back to the aquarium. It felt good, but I'm pretty tired now.

Sue's working at the moment (and a big shoutout to all the folks at RadioFrame Networks, enjoying their company picnic today!). In a little while we're going to hop the bus into town. I have to run an errand down in Honolulu and then we'll do a little shopping.

Bruddah Clay arrives in town tomorrow! Hey brah, the number here at the condo is 924-5413, call us when you get in. Bruce was talking about dragging you down to the Hilton to hear Olomana.

Hmm, no new pictures. Here's one from last Sunday. We went down to Hawai`i Kai with the whole gang and watched The Surfaris play in the park.


Anonymous said...

Who are Bruce & Irene and Gregg & Janice ?? Just being nosey... You must be having such a blast... so happy for you & Sue.

Unknown said...

Bruce and Greg, as well as Clay and myself, were part of a fairly small community of computer contractors working on the various military intelligence projects here on the island. Contracts would change companies, but the people just shuffled around between them.