Friday, August 04, 2006

Day 5 (Evening)

The sun has set under cloudy skies. The die-hards at Publics are finally coming to the realization that they need to catch something and head in, or face the reef in the dark. Back at ka hale water is boiling for a dinner of ravioli and veggies in a garlic cheese sauce; not too fancy but nobody wants to get up, get dressed, and hele into town.

This afternoon the girls and I surfed Canoes. Sue had been feeling poorly since last night and stayed on the beach. The waves were nice, 3' and pretty consistent. I was able to get a few waves in between lessons.

We came in after an hour or so, tired and hungry. And no place calls to a tired hungry surfer like Kua `aina. Fortunately they now have a town location, so we didn't need to drive to Hale`iwa; merely fight the traffic into Ward Centre and back. Soon we were back at the condo, nipping into our respective burgers (mahi for Rae). Once they were fortified, the girls took the boogie boards and paddled out in front of the condo. They seem to be turning into true surfer grrls.

Tomorrow we'll be up at the crack of dawn and heading off to snorkel Hanauma Bay.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Except somebody didn't actually get in.

Unknown said...

The problem was that said someone didn't shave off a strip above his mustache and his mask kept filling with water. That, in and of itself, would not have been a problem except that one his mask started to fill up, his nose decided to do the same.

Cap'n Bob said...

Best burger at Kua`aina?? The half-pounder with Ortega Chiles and Jack, I really miss those!

I've got a pair of Tusa Xpert Zoom fins, and I won't use anything else for snorkelling/diving EVER again. No calf cramps and I don't get anywhere near as tired as other fins.

If you're boarding, there is only one fin period, Churchills.

It's sad that you can't get into the Toilet Bowl area now. Gosh, I remember being BLASTED all the way out of the bowl by some BIG was simpler then.


Unknown said...

I second the vote on the Ortega Burger with Jack Cheese. They are as integral a part of my memories of watching The Pipemasters, The Duke Kahamoku (when it still existed), or The Eddie Aikau, as the contests themselves.