Wednesday, August 09, 2006


I paddled out to Tongs on Fred's board for dawn patrol this morning. It was small - flat with occasional 2' sets - but it felt nice. Only a couple of people out, and the wind had calmed down. I caught 4 or 5 waves, on the last one I noticed about 5 people paddling out and decided to head in. There's just something about a day that starts with a little surfing.

Sue and I walked into Waikiki for lunch. We made it to Keo's on time today and were rewarded with a Roast Duck Salad and Evil Jungle Prince (a curry dish common over here but not seen too much in Seattle's Thai restaurants). Both were spectacular and we left feeling quite full. A walk down to the post office, by way of the ocean, helped a bit.

Our calendar of events for this week said that Herb Ohta Jr and David Kamakahi were playing at the Tropics Bar in the Hilton, so in the afternoon we hopped the bus down that-a-way to hear them play. They are both still young and really just getting going as far as stage presence; but they are both excellent ukulele players who obviously play together often. It shows in the easy way they pass the melody back and forth, as well as their ability to pick up on where the other person is going and jump right in.

TheBus got us back to the condo in time to make a dinner of Marlin Ginger Coconut Soup. Yum. Now we're sitting back, watching an episode of Deadwood.

There's just something about a day that starts with a little surfing.

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Cap'n Bob said...

Dammmmm...I really miss that Evil Jungle Prince. Never found a good one in Houston OR Tampa! ;)