Sunday, July 13, 2008

Ua pi`i Leahi kakou

There are only so many times you can look out your back window at Diamond Head before you say "We've got to go climb up that". That desire to climb up things and howl at the universe has been with us since we were climbing trees and howling down at the animals trying to eat us. There are a couple of approaches to the peak. The full frontal assault usually concludes with a helicopter rescue and Joe Moore making fun of you on the evening news.

We decided on the more lengthy, but ultimately helicopter-free, approach of walking to the entrance on the backside of the crater, paying our $1 entrance fee, and joining the stream of ill-prepared tourists heading for the top. Not much has changed since our last trip up here. It's still a desert, still has a lot of stairs, and the view is still wonderful. We made it to the top, howled (inside) at the universe, and began the descent. We had come up via Montsarrat, so naturally we came down Diamond Head Road, making a nice 7 mile loop.

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