Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Ua He`e Nalu Kakou

Chris, Sue, and I paddled out to Tonggs on Monday. This was the first time Chris and I had been out in the water together in 17 years. We shared the first wave and it was like we were in our twenties all over again.

Sue got her first chance to try out her new waterproof camera housing. You can probably expect quite a few more action surf shots this trip than last. The housing worked quite well, although it's very easy to bump buttons when you're bobbing around on a boogie board. We ended up with a couple of movies that were the video equivalent of someone leaving you a 5 minute voice mail when the phone in their pocket accidentally speed-dials you.

A deliberate video, this 360 degree shot that gives you a view that few non-surfers ever get to see.


Cap'n Bob said...

Golly darn guys, that looks like FUN! Thanks for the water pics - Mother Ocean is who I miss most sometimes!

Unknown said...

She sends her love.