Saturday, July 12, 2008

Da Kine Grindz

I notice that I haven't been posting about food as often as last time. It doesn't mean we aren't eating or aren't eating well; quite the contrary, the food has been both good and plentiful.

For the most part breakfast is coffee and cereal and fruit. Bruce made waffles (from scratch!) one morning - very tasty. There has also been the occasional spam and eggs and fried rice.

Lunch is usually left overs (no shortage there) or a plate lunch while out and about.

Dinner is where we really shine - we've had smoked salmon, smoked chicken, and a rather huge plate of smoked ribs. We're definitely satisfying the daily allowance of hickory.

Tonight Mark and Judy are coming by to grill some animal or other and Steve has promised us a rack of lamb. Yumm-o!

1 comment:

Cap'n Bob said...

Raising a glass in toast to our missing HAIR, were we??? ;) Just kiddin' - mine's way short too now that I'm part of corporate America...

Looks like a fine time, and WOW do I ever miss those good plate lunch days!