Thursday, February 21, 2008

Reservations are made

Aloha kakou,

Yet another thing I learned from surfing the North Shore, is that I really love surfing. Actually I may have learned that from surfing the South Shore first. :-) Either way - I love surfing so much that I've decided to rent a house with a bunch of my friends and family on O`ahu's Gold Coast this July.

It's happening! I emailed Amelia and officially accepted the house for Sunday July 6th through Sunday Aug 3rd. 29 days in paradise. I'll be sending her a check this week. So, I'll be needing the first of many checks from the rest of you. Here's how I've assembled the first billing:

Security Deposit: $1000 for the house, prorated by your room nights. If you cancel, you'll receive this back *if* we can find someone to take your place. If you go on the trip, you'll receive a prorated amount of whatever we get back, presumably all of it.

Earnest Money: $130 per room (roughly the cost of 1 room night). If you go on the trip this is credited to your account; if you cancel you forfeit it. The reason is that as we get underway with this, any cancellation is going to hit everyone pretty hard.

I've already put the values in the spreadsheet, but it comes out as follows:

Chris H. and Clay: $347.05 each
Bruce and Fred: $230.78 each

Get stoked everybody!

Malama pono,
Chris P.

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