Monday, February 11, 2008

February 11th Email

Aloha kakou,

One of the other things I learned from surfing the North Shore, is that occasionally it is better to have stayed on the shore than to have paddled out at all. Not because it's too big, but because it's too weird. You can't seem to line up in the right spot, or the swell is out of a strange direction, or maybe you've just got some huge kharmic debt that turns the whole session into something that Hunter Thompson might have concocted.

Amelia, the DHDH owner, just informed me that she has a returning renter who she completely forgot about, who will be in the unit through the 5th of July. We can still have the house from Sun July 6th through Sun Aug 3rd, a total of 29 days. Frankly, my psyche has become too brittle to actually analyze this information so I'm just going to pass it along and mull it over when I'm able.

Malama pono,
Chris P.

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