Saturday, February 09, 2008

February 9th Email

Aloha kakou,

One of the things I learned from surfing the North Shore is that sometimes the question as to whether or not you should have even started paddling for that wave is rhetorical. You did. If you stop paddling now the one behind it is going to mow your ass down. All you can really do is paddle hard, stand up, and deal with it.

Wonderful parable Chrispy, so what?

I've heard back from Amelia and, contrary to what her website says, her house is 5 BR, not 6. This puts us in a bit of a bind for the last two weeks, in that we've got 6 BRs accounted for, not 5. At this point my plan is to put Aaron either in with the girls or on a couch. I've considered other options, but realistically we're down to these two choices: Take the big house and cope with the potential crowding and expense, or just say "Party in Hawai`i this summer, find a place to stay and we'll all hook up". My inclination is to paddle hard, take the big house, and deal with it. Who's in?

New spreadsheet attached showing the consequences of pulling Aaron out of one of the BRs. Also note that I've added in a spot for a rental car, but not put in a value. A small car for a month will run about $750. Compare that with $20-$30 per person shuttle fees to and from the airport. Also note that the spreadsheet includes the $1000 security deposit, one could reasonably assume that we'll get it all back and it could be $0 for costing purposes.

That's all for now. I'm off to caucus for one local boy.

Malama pono,
Chris P.

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