Monday, January 28, 2008

January 28th Email

Aloha kakou,

Well, as they say, "He who hesitates is screwed". I held off on reserving the DH Dream home pending my employment situation (all is well there - we start work soon) and now the house has been taken. This really throws things for a loop.

If we fall back to the Ocean Estate, we've not only got rental car issues, but we're also starting to pop over the cap I mentally placed on my outlay. The reason being that I can rent a condo for Sue and I and the kids for about 6k/month. I'd rather be in a house with all of you, but I'm a cheapskate. ;-)

One possibility is getting a couple of 2 BR condos at the DH Beach Hotel. They'd run about 6k each and possibly they'd cut us a deal for renting two. Then we'd have Chris and Clay in one condo and Bruce and the Makay/Payne clan in the other. This leaves Fred and Steve to fend for themselves and would make large group meals a hassle. But the location is primo.

Another option is going with the Gold Coast Jewel and a 1 BR Condo to handle the overflow. It would be weird having one person staying over there. But we could get a place for about 3k. It's walking distance to the house. If we combined the costs together, so that whoever is in there is not getting stuck, then we have a virtual 5Br on the gold coast for 15K.

Let me know your thoughts. I'm in a bit of a panic and calm soothing words from my friends would be a good thing. :-)

Malama pono,
Chris P.

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