Tuesday, January 22, 2008

January 22nd Email

Aloha kakou,

Not much new to report. I've been on hold while I wait to see what's happening with my job. Fred and I are supposed to be working on a contract at AT&T Wireless. At the last minute there was some hangup on some of the legalese in the SOW and now we're in some weird limbotic state.

I did trade emails with the owner of the DH Dream House. She said that we would not have to be there on a calendar month. Given that, I'm inclined to move us up a little bit to maybe the 3rd week in July for 4-5 weeks. This makes things a little easier for us (Sue and I) vis-a-vis getting the kids back to school in Sept. Chris mentioned he'd like to be there earlier. Fred has some cycling events in the summer (RAMROD and Tour de Montana) and I don't know if this would help or hurt for him. Anyone else have thoughts on it?

Malama pono,
Chris P.

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