Saturday, August 02, 2008

Last Full Day

Our last full day on the island. Packing, while not occurring yet, is at least being considered. Greg and Janice stopped by to pick up the bread machine. We also loaded them down with excess beer and groceries that weren't going to be eaten. A little while after that Hugh and Linda stopped by and picked up Fred's surfboard, so it will be waiting for us next time, and I always like to hope there will be a next time.

Sue spent part of the morning designing a gecko that would fit in the bald spot of my right leg, and then Aaron and I wandered into town to have it permanently attached to me. The tattooing took about a half-hour and we met up with the women folk for lunch at The Shore Bird. We did a little shopping on the way back and sat and watched the waves for a little while, finally arriving back at ka hale in the early evening.

Francine joined us for dinner to celebrate Clay's 60th (in one month). Hao`oli Lä Hänau e bruddah! We convinced her to take Clay's guitar and the smoker for use/storage at her place until we return. We're gradually leaving enough accoutrement of life over here so that eventually we won't have to pack anything.

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