Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Local Grindz Quiz

Bruddah Clay sent this very cool quiz on local foods to me a while back and I've been meaning to post it here for everyone. Take the quiz (no cheating) and post your score. High score gets a napple.

BTW - it's in the form of a spreadsheet so you'll need a program that can read that (I recommend Open Office).


Unknown said...

I scored a 35. I think there were a couple on there that I knew, but it didn't like my names I guess. Like 'Sushi'.

Cap'n Bob said...

Sort of the same boat, actually - like the spam and rice roll...lol...I know there's a proper name for it.

I got the 15 right listed below, it's easy to tell where *I* used to eat!! ;) ZIPPY'S I MISS YOU!!

chicken katsu
chili and rice
portuguese sausage
macaroni salad
pork adobo
lomi lomi salmon
beef stew
portuguese bean soup
shrimp tempura
fried rice
teriyaki chicken
dim sum
hamburger steak

Unknown said...

Spam Musubi, brah. Onolicious!

Anonymous said...

1. Just forwarded part 2 of the quiz, and it's somewhat tougher (I only got 30)
2. For #17 try 'maki sushi'. There is a picture of similar sushi in the second quiz, haven't figured it out yet.
3. #10 is weird. The correct answer is 'teriyaki beef' but that doesn't explain the sesame seeds.
4. I'm up to 40, thanks to a few hints from Bob's list.

Cap'n Bob said...

One of the things on the first list was the bowl from the restaurant by the Advertiser's offices. It's bowl of rice, with a hamburger pattie on top, and then an egg. Marty turned me on to this when he first started working downtown....but for the life of me - I cannot remember what it was called! ;) Maybe that party killed more brain cels than I care to admit! ;)

Unknown said...

Loco Moco