Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Whistler Relay

One of the down-sides to our blended family is that because the kids are not in the same school district, their holidays don't always line up. This year we had all three kids for spring break, but the girls' spring break was the week before Aaron's. Ski trips were certainly called for, the only question was the destination(s). Big Mountain in Montana was considered, but that's a mighty long car trip. Mt. Bachelor is only about 6 hours away and has good snow, but the nearest lodging is a half hour from the mountain (yes, we're spoiled). Finally we decided on Whistler, which, really, had been the first choice the whole time. Sue took the girls up the week of 3/31 - 4/5, we had a single night together when they got back, and then Aaron and I went up 4/6 - 4/11.

The ladies stayed over on Creekside at the new Legends lodge, we've been considering buying a property there so this was also served as a reconnaissance mission. Their room was just above Dusty's with a view looking right up the mountain (see picture at right). They caught the weather just right and had beautiful sunny skies and spring conditions. The trails of the week were deemed to be the new Peak-to-Creek as well as Jeff's Ode to Joy. Wide open and uncrowded, P2C, runs from the Peak Chair all the way to the bottom of the Creekside Gondola. (See the rather large pdf Trailmap to follow along). Ode to Joy starts as a groomed trail off of the Symphony Express and drops into a series of glade runs at the bottom. Another popular spot was The Crystal Hut on Blackcomb where fresh-made Belgian Waffles were being served up hot. The last day of the trip saw snow falling on the mountain, turning to rain near the village.

Aaron and I stayed in the village at the Westin. We had a nice room which was a snowball's throw from the Gondola but without the view that the ladies had. As you might imagine, the guys' trip had a rather different character than the ladies'. They'd go have crepes for breakfast, we'd knock back some oatmeal in the room. We'd ski until about 1, when everyone else was finishing lunch, then break for a quick bite, and hit it again for 2 or 3 runs. Apres ski consisted of a quick dunk in the hot tub, a shower, and then off to find dinner. By 7pm we'd be fed and drowsing in front of the TV.

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