Saturday, July 29, 2006

Getting ready

Our flight is tomorrow morning. I guess I should be running around getting ready; but most stuff is good to go. I've got the laptop, the guitar, and the boogie boards (Bruce C. is arranging for a surfboard). But mostly, I've got ku`u ipo, so I'm ready to go.

Speaking of the surf, I've been monitoring the newly arriving south swell via these webcams. The Sheraton Surfcam has presets for various surf breaks - including Pops and Tongs! The skycam allows you to pan and zoom the camera yourself, which is kinda nice. The NWS is calling for a high surf advisory until Wednesday. What a great way to be welcomed home! Although, I have to say the new surf measurements are going to take a little getting used to. When I heard the forecast for 8-10 foot surf, my first thought was waves breaking over the channel bouys at Bowls! But apparently 8-10 is what we used to call 4-6. Whew - it's been 5 years since I've been on a board and I'd like to ease in to the death-or-glory drops, if you don't mind.


Unknown said...

Today's conditions are sunny skies, mild to gusty tradewinds, water temps are in the mid-70s with what tasted like a salinity of about 1.027 (SG). :-)

Cap'n Bob said...

When did they switch to using mainland measurements for wave height? That was ALWAYS the coolest part of taking some Cali surfer out on a "6-8" day and watching them squirm at the near-triple-overhead peaks! ;)

And honestly, if WE had been calling them 12-footers....*I* wouldn't have gone out a lot of days! *shrug*